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Antenatal Shared Care

GP Antenatal Shared care is available at 1 Health Medical Centre.

Antenatal Shared Care is provided by accredited GPs in combination with the antenatal clinics at local public hospitals, including Westmead, Ryde and  Hornsby 

All antenatal blood tests are performed on site at the surgery and ultrasounds including nuchal translucency scans and 18 week anomaly scans can be organised locally by the treating GP.

For more information regarding GP antenatal shared care, please make an appointment on 9873 3888 to speak with one of our doctors.

The benefit of this include your Shared Care GP being available at short notice, a convenient location to where you live or work, with appointments available during lunch time or after work, follow-up care of both you and your new baby when you get home (including vaccinations), and most of all, continuity of care which encourages a trusting relationship to develop.


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