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We offer appointments in order to reduce the waiting times for our patients. Every effort will be made to accommodate your preferred time and doctor, however this may not always be possible. A normal appointment length is fifteen minutes. Please inform our receptionist if you require extra time or if more than one person will be seeing the doctor.

Patients can also be seen without an appointment as a walk-in; however priority will be given to those patients with appointments. All patients with potentially life threatening symptoms are also given priority.

Please call to cancel any appointments if you cannot attend!

Running Late!
Our doctors may be running late if they are delayed with urgent or complicated cases, or if earlier patients have themselves arrived late. We thank you for waiting and apologise in advance.

Online Appointments
1 Health Medical Centre now offers online appointment bookings for standard consultations, however the following guidelines must be followed:

  • Standard Consultations will go for approximately 10 minutes and you will be able to discuss 1-2 issues only.

  • The following appointments generally require more time and therefore may NOT be available for booking online.

       - Appointments to discuss more than 2 issues
       - Appointments for new patients
       - Childhood Immunisations
       - Skin Checks
       - Pap Smears
       - Forms/Paperwork- Centrelink, RTA etc
       - Procedures
       - Excisions
       - Implanon insertions and/or removal
       - Any WorkCover related issues-including certificates, case conference etc.
       - Insurance Medical
       - Pre-employment Medicals
       - Health Assessments

  • Only 1 patient can be seen per standard consultation. Please book separate appointments for each family member.

  • New patients can  also use the online booking system. 

  • Please cancel any appointment that you can not attend, either online or by phone. Two non-attendances will cause future online bookings to be blocked.

If appointments are booked outside these guidelines patients may be required to reschedule.

Please note: We also keep appointments available for non-online bookings. Please call our medical clinic if you are unable to see an online appointment for the doctor of your choice at your preferred time.

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